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My blueprint

As a 6 of Diamonds, one of the lessons I'm here to learn is #balance.

And while most who know me might consider me a pretty balanced person, I know the true distance of my swings. 🏌️‍♀️

This morning during my #breathwork practice, I could feel the depth of one of those swings.

I felt how far I'd move in the opposite direction & I could feel myself moving back to #center.

The coolest part was being shown how this swing was a result of a request I had made. How the past 3+ years were a manifestation of my own doing. #ohboy

I remember saying the words, "I wish no one knew me as 'Corporate Candy'. . . or that I have money." 🪄

Now, how much that desire to reinvent myself drove my move to #Asheville, I may never know.

But those words certainly created the reality that I just realized I've been living in.

No one has been holding me back, except for me & that ridiculous desire to deny a pretty substantial (& successful) part of myself.

As a #diamond, I measure everything in terms of #value. Is it worth my time, energy, money?

So the fact that I wanted to ignore my own value is beyond ironic.

It's no wonder I've felt like a salmon swimming upstream! #exhausted

I've been trying to swim against my own current. 🤦

This is the power of breathwork! Until this morning, I hadn't connected these dots. . . & didn't know I needed to!

But with a new #corporate #gig (#salesforce) on the horizon & my #passion to continue teaching breathwork classes growing, it was absolutely necessary to come back into balance. ⚖️



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