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My mis-shapen but resilient heart

Yesterday led me to the mountains for some self care & clearing.

There's nothing quite like feeling the strength of the mountains, laying back, relaxing the grip & releasing my woos, frustrations & sadness into them. This is where I feel the most grounded, connected & clear. As I opened my eyes, my attention was drawn to this slightly mis-shapen heart. I chuckled. . . well played & thank you for the sign, Universe. 🤍 A not-so-subtle reminder that our hearts aren't meant to be perfected but they are designed to be resilient. They break, heal, close, open, but most importantly they endure.

I've come to realize that opening my heart is a choice. I can choose to close it, protect it, seal it away or I can choose to trust that it's the strongest & smartest part of me. . . sooooo much more trustworthy than my mind (or ego). It's been a long road & I've put a lot of effort into getting to this place. And knowing where I've been & how I used to live (and love), I'll chose opening my heart to love every single fucking day over anything else. . .

even if it means a little sadness along the way. 🙏 🥰 💖


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