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No more blending in

Ever look at the wall of bottles behind the bar & nothing stands out because they all blend together?

Looking back on the past several years, since moving to Asheville really, that's been my MO.

Blend in. Don't stand out. Nothing to see here.

I wasn't even conscious that I was doing it. . . I've not been the wall flower type much in my life.

I think there might have been some residual trauma from my crazy business coach.

He liked to press upon me that if I didn't make the "right" choices or do the "right" thing that I'd lose my money.

It was a convenient way for him to manipulate me. And even though I knew that wasn't true, there was a tiny part that thought "what if he's right. . ."

So my MO since has been to not disrupt. . . to limit my "Me-ness" to levels that make others comfortable.

Well I'm fucking uncomfortable as shit living in this self constructed box.

I'm tired of accommodating. . . acquiescing. . . dialing it down.

I'm gonna be that bottle that grabs your attention. . . holds it. . . and makes your life a little better for having noticed me. 😘


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