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Stuck in the spin cycle

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. . . well, a long time for me, anyway. The past few months have taken a toll on my ability to clearly see the way forward & to organize my thoughts. From the move back to Indiana to the new job to quitting the new job to an impending milestone birthday, it was a lot. Too much. #50 I could feel myself stuck in the spin cycle. 🌪️ Even though I know there’s no such thing as a mistake, I was struggling to shake the feeling that maybe I’d gotten a bit off track. Things had felt so clear at the beginning of the year. And now? Now I felt that I’d lost my compass. . . my #truenorth So I decided to give myself the space to hit the reset button. To feel my way back to center. ❤️ So here I am. . . Day 1 in #tulum


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