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When you know, you know

Yesterday I went in to add some new ink to my right upper arm. I wanted to continue filling in the blank space. #tswift

But when I got there, @mountaintemple (#herronmark) had two mandala options for me to choose from. 💠

One, a 6. . . which is what I am in Cardology (6♦️) & numerology 6 (4/2) which means balance & a 9. . . which means endings, completions, graduation. . . which I feel that I'm going through right now. #transformation

How fucking appropriate, but how to choose. . . 🤔

As I was deciding about the numerology & symbology of the sacred geometry I wanted to infuse into & onto my body, he said,

"Why not do both & do the sleeve today?"

When he placed the 9 on my forearm, I felt it. That's exactly where it was meant to be. I wanted it there. But when?

So, I checked in with my higher self. . . that part of me with the higher perspective that isn't caught up in "human shit" or "what ifs" & all I saw was YES!

Then I heard,

"Why wait?"

Ah, great question!

Immediately, I realized how often I sit in the energy of waiting or hesitation, even though I know I want something.

How a part of me. . . whether out of caution or being too responsible or because of fear. . . is always considering what the "right" thing to do is. Despite my body, heart & soul screaming

"Fuck yes!!!"

In the moment with only a fraction of a pause, I said

"Let's do it!".

I felt the rush of excitement flood my body & a knowing that I'd decided to do something. . . that I was finally allowing myself to do something. . . that I've wanted to do for almost a DECADE.

So I decided on the spot to get a full sleeve! #sorrymom

It's not done yet. It's still a work in progress. . . just like me.


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