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Day 110:  Love at first sight

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

And here I thought I’d taken quite a leap by asking Mr. Universe to move in after dating for just two months.  I mean, let’s be honest, for me…given my track record…that is HUGE!  

I’ve always tended to err on the side of caution.  Taking my time to make sure its a fit…to make sure there’s been ample time to fully vet the person…to make sure my decisions wouldn’t cause anyone to raise any eye brows.  And look where investing all that time got me???  Actually, it led me right to Mr. Universe…so I guess I can’t complain.

Luckily, though, I’m teachable.  In addition to all the work I’ve been doing on my own, I’ve been consciously surrounding myself with people that help me to keep learning and to put those lessons into practice.  My best teachers so far…the Shamans, Princess Grace, Moon Pie, Kilo, Man of the Year, of course, Mr. Universe…and now the Tennessee Cowboy.

I wrote about the Tennessee Cowboy on Day 36 and how his antics inspired a movement that spawned a private Facebook group called “Grand Gestures”….and hope in the hearts of people that never even met him.

Well he’s at it again…and this time he may have pulled off the biggest grand gesture ever…taking the biggest leap…and inspiring me to further let go of external expectations and self doubt.

On Friday, the Tennessee Cowboy was introduced to a woman by a mutual friend over drinks.  They seemed to hit it off and strolled over to a nearby boat dock where they met some new friends…with a boat.  What else do you besides go for a lovely late night boat ride with some strangers?  Well, when you’re with the Tennessee Cowboy — who knows no strangers — you climb aboard and toast your new mates.

The next day, the Tennessee Cowboy had to break the news to his new found lady friend that he had to head back to Florida.  Uninterested in losing the connection that had been so easily established, she told him she didn’t want him to leave…so he asked her to come with him to Florida.

They loaded into the car and headed out on an adventure…seeing the country as they continued to get to know each other.  Apparently, they liked what they saw — and learned — because Sunday morning the Tennessee Cowboy asked his new love if she wanted to blow everyone’s mind…

On my Facebook feed above an adorable collection of beach photos popped up,

“I don’t always go to the beach and elope, but when I do…”

WTF….it had to be a joke, right?!?!  We exchanged some text messages and he confirmed they’d decided to get married…two days after meeting!

Turns out they found a friend that could legally marry people and he conducted the ceremony via FaceTime, while the Tennessee Cowboy and His Cowgirl stood on the beach and exchanged their vows.

Just like that, he executed the grand gesture of all grand gestures…falling in love at first sight and committing himself to his new love two days later…on the beach.  Clearly, he found his match.

To the happy couple, I wish you much happiness and hope that everyday is filled with the giddy love you feel today.  That you ride out any challenges you face with the grace and ease of a ship on the ocean. I hope you continue to follow your hearts and inspire all that know you to be just as brave.  Much love to you both!


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