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Day 241: Friendsgiving

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


Tonight is Friendsgiving….when I get to host my closest confidants from the past year.  

As I was thinking about the gathering, I noticed two things:  

  1. I’m lucky to have a core group of four beautiful witches that are there for me (and each other) no matter what, and

  2. The others that rotate in and out serve as these wonderful characters bringing so much love and light into my life that it’s almost hard to comprehend.

I take this gathering very seriously.  If you’re my friend and you aren’t invited, it’s not because I don’t love you.  It’s simply because I have to limit the guest list to 12 so I pick the shining stars that have had the most influence in my life.

Each year I stress about the list…who should I invite…who won’t make the cut…but each year, it’s so obvious who should sit at the table.  So this year, I’d like to share why I’m thankful for these magnificent people.

Princess Grace….thank you for all your quirks!  You have become a sort of spiritual guide for me.  You’ve opened my eyes and heart to new experiences…to considering life and the power of it in so many different ways, all the while staying grounded in all that is good and holy.  I can’t thank you enough for listening each time I bitch about something.  Likewise, I will always support you in your anger.  🙂

Kilo…thank you for your heart and humor!  You are such a beautiful soul…angelic in how you approach life and your unconditional love of your friends. Without a doubt, I know you’ve got my back and I, yours.  You bring out the good in everything…and everyone…you touch.  My job is to mirror this back to you.  If you knew just how spectacular you are, you’d be unstoppable.  But part of what makes you so damn adorable is your humility.

Yinny…thank you for being by my side for 15 years.  You are my longest and dearest bestie…like a sister.  And as a sister, we have a unique ability to push those buttons that need to be pushed…to help each other grow and see life from a different perspective.  You’ve held me accountable to myself like no one else ever has…thank you.  You are one of the fiercest women I know…and if you knew just how strong you were, you’d rule this planet.  Someday you’ll see it…and then look out world!  In the meantime, I love you just the way you are.

Moon Pie…holy crap is your life different than it was last year!  Thank you for embracing all the change you faced with such an open heart.  You showed us what true grace is…and how to truly trust in the Universe.  Your heart continues to shine the brightest…melting the hearts of those less tuned in.  Thank you for showing me how to go with the flow and trust that there’s a plan…and it all works out.always!

Puppy…oh puppy, where to start.  I’ve seen you go through so many changes but I have to say that I’ve never seen you happier.  You and Moon Pie are like a fairy tale and I know your lives together are going to be magic.  Thank you for being such a wonderful friend…and for loving lil friend so very much.

Man of the Year…my favorite warlock.  You are true magic and it shows in everything you touch.  I really don’t think there isn’t anything you can’t do…as long as you stay out of your own way.  We all see your brilliance…and those that fear it, lash out.  It’s unfortunate but it’s the curse you bear.  To trigger people’s insecurities for all the world to see.  Thank you for learning to rise above that noise and stepping into your power.  You are an inspiration! (now say “thank you”)

Mama J…thank you for opening yourself up.  Thank you for being vulnerable…for being a seeker…for your lovely smile that lights up a room.  I’m so looking forward to getting to know you even better.  You have a beautiful soul and I can’t wait for our next adventure!

GG…thank you for following your heart…and for wearing it on your sleeve…and for protecting it like a pit bull.  I’m inspired by your gusto and instincts to survive.  You are going to be such a great healer!  I’m honored to call you friend.

Chap…thank you for melting Man of the Year’s heart…for bringing a smile to his eyes I’ve not seen before.  Thank you for being so very sweet!  I look forward to spending many a holiday with you and your man.

KC…thank you for being such a good friend to Mr. Universe.  You two light up in each other’s presence like only brothers do.  It’s obvious how much you love each other.

Even though you can’t join us, you’ll be here in spirit…

Smiles…thank you for being unapologetic about following your heart.  You know your priorities and you pursue them with vigor.  You work hard.  Play hard.  Love hard…and smile the entire time.  Thank you for being exactly who you are!

Red-headed Gypsy…thank you for the magic you’ve brought to this world.  You have an uncanny ability to shed light on things most don’t see…and you do so beautifully.  Your heart is the size of the planet…which is probably why you’ve traveled to nearly every part of it.  Thank you for shining so very brightly.

Last but certainly not least, Mr. Universe.  Just three words…I love you.


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