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Day 54: Not just another manic Monday

Updated: Dec 21, 2021


This morning as I laid in bed contemplating my day, I knew I had several appointments but I didn’t want to get up.  I had lots of fun things planned but I felt that all too common Monday feeling.  Rather than wallow in it, I decided to try and shake it.  Step one…go for a run.

I headed out to the canal like I always do and then cut back through downtown near where I used to work because I’m not able to make it all the way around the canal and back like I used to…at least not yet, anyway.  Hey, this is only day three of running, people!  Cut me some slack.

Anyway, as I was running back through downtown…during the lunch hour…passing all sorts of people clearly dressed for work, I realized that I felt perfectly comfortable in my running shoes and t-shirt with my hair in a ponytail swinging back and forth.  

I used to see people like me out…doing stuff that didn’t look like work…wondering what kind of job they had that allowed them to be out and about during the day.  Never thought the answer may be “no job”!

I’d been out in downtown during the day before and would find that odd pang of guilt…like I was playing hooky.  But not today.  Today, it felt perfectly natural to be running downtown…by the Statehouse…during lunch.  Score!

Next I went to IUPUI to meet with a new contact about possibly subbing some yoga classes.  I’m not 100% sure but I think pending a background check, I will be an IUPUI employee…teaching yoga to students…faculty…deans.  Meeting new people that I otherwise might never meet…opening doors that might not otherwise be opened.

From there I met an old friend from out of town for drinks.  There’s nothing better than getting to know someone as a human…as a friend…and no longer as a work associate of any kind.  The discussion was fantastic and the company even better.  To him, thank you for letting me know you were in town.  At some point, I’m going to share some of what we discussed…just not today, dear friend.

As I was driving back to the house to meet Princess Grace and Yinny…we’re going to dinner and a movie…I realized that today is the opening day of the Marketing Conference….and I’m not there.  All the best and brightest…and some of my dearest co-workers are all gathered in one spot…without me.  This is the first Marketing Conference I’ve missed since retiring.  

The Partner Conference in April was really hard on me.  It was so soon after leaving and I literally felt left out of the mix.  The world I had been an integral part of for so many years was continuing without me and that was hard.

But today…Monday…the kick off of the Marketing Conference…today, I’m in Indy.  I’m doing things that I want to do…opening new doors…meeting old friends…hanging with my witches.  I’m in Indy and there’s nowhere else I rather be.  I don’t feel a pull to be at the conference.  It’s not where I belong anymore.  The transition into my new life continues but feeling grounded and comfortable here is huge!

This isn’t just another manic Monday…it’s a new day.  A new energy.  A new purpose.  Guess I just dialed into a new collective consciousness…my own.

Happy Monday!


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