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Day 56: Who’s your Christopher Walken

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

We all have one. That secret crush that we rarely, if ever, talk about because we know no one would understand. Deep down we know it’s not right but we can’t look away…we can only ogle…stare in a silent torture.

He wears his cowboy hat low. His jeans tight. Always tapping his boot right and left to the beat…just one though, not both. He’s tiny enough to fit in my jacket pocket but his personality is bigger than life. He looks out from underneath the hat to make indirect eye contact, yet his music speaks directly to my soul. I know it’s wrong…but being wrong never felt so right.

I’ve watched him from afar for years. Admiring his music and his connection with the audience. Last year, I finally got to see my secret crush…in person…at Bonnaroo. I was standing front row…less than 10 feet away…Kilo by my side…in a small tent…Dwight Yoakam was singing Suspicious Minds….to me. He sang every song directly to me. I could feel it.

Seeing this man perform live had been on my bucket list for years and it was happening. To say that I was grinning from ear to ear would be an understatement. I was smiling so hard I’m surprised my teeth didn’t pop right out of my head. I kept looking at Kilo and asking, “Are we here?? Is that really Dwight Yoakam??” She was sweet to humor me…or so I thought until I found out about her secret crush.

It was just a week or so ago. I was out with the gang…Kilo, Princess Grace, Man of the Year, Smiles, and a friend yet to be knighted with a nickname…and I was confessing my secret crush on Dwight Yoakam in waaaaay more detail than necessary…when Kilo blurted out here secret crush.

All at once the table went silent…the music stopped…a hush fell over Bakersfield! Out of Kilo’s mouth came two words I never…no one ever…expected to hear following the phrase, “My secret crush is…” She said her secret crush was…Christopher Walken.

WTF…said the table in unison. All the sudden, my secret crush seemed far less scandalous. She had said “Christopher Walken”. We looked at each other…let out a few belly laughs as Kilo innocently..and unexpectedly…realized that her crush was something that you really should keep secret. It was shocking and made us love her all the more.

Our battle cry that night….”Who’s your Christopher Walken??” We all have one. Don’t hide those crushes. Share….shout them out from the mountain top. Let the Universe know that someone possibly less than perfect…as defined by society and pop culture…is worthy of your attention…admiration…love.

My Christopher Walken is Dwight Yoakam. He’s amazingly talented…sexy…charismatic….and I don’t care who knows it. Everybody needs love. I do. You do. Dwight does. And so does Christopher Walken.

Thank you, Kilo!

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