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Day 75: It’s official…because Facebook says so

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

I used to joke that nothing is real until you see it on Facebook. So I guess it’s official then…I’m in a relationship with Mr. Universe…because Facebook says so.

Yesterday Mr. Universe threw on a tutu, sports bra, blonde wig and a mitt to play in a LGBTQ+ softball game to raise money and kick off Pride Week in Indianapolis. He was quite a sight to behold and was incredibly popular with spectators, players, and the media. You could feel heads turning as we walked to the diamond and once he took the field I had a bird’s-eye view of the adoration.

As I walked around and talked to friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, each asked who I was dating and when I pointed “her” out on the field I was met with the nearly the same response….”Oh my, girl…good job. Look at those muscles.” I suppose some girls might be jealous but how can you be jealous of the truth…he does have a lot of muscles…

My favorite thing, though, is when people ask how we met because I get to say “On Tinder”. Man of the Year joked that soon enough we’re going to be the poster couple to encourage others to try the app. I know, I know…I’m the same person that on Day 37 posed the question “To Tinder or not to Tinder“.

Obviously my answer is now to Tinder and here’s why…

I think most people believe in the Law of Attraction and have examples of how it has played out in their life. Well I think that philosophy applies to everything, including Tinder.

For well over a year, I was on Tinder on and off with mixed results. When I first tried it, I joked that I was simply collecting man cards…meaning, I was more interested in seeing which guys matched with me than actually meeting any of them. So I matched with some very attractive men…of which I went out with none…and maybe only messaged with a couple. Pretty sure, I was matching with men that were collecting their own set of cards to look at but never do anything about. So I got off Tinder.

The next time I got back on, I was still reeling from The Taste and was looking for something to pass time with. Again, lots of matches…and this time messaging…but only one date. I was probably projecting an energy of desperation because that’s what I got back from the coffee date…an air of desperation…constant texting…inappropriate questions…controlling behavior. So yet again, I bounced.

After a few months, I was back on the Tinder. This time I brought an attitude of wanting to meet quality people. It wasn’t so much about finding a relationship as it was about meeting new people and expanding my social circle as I started to prepare for my retirement. All the sudden, the quality of men was different. It was almost like I was in a different city…doctors, dentists, musicians, entrepreneurs…attractive, interesting men began filling my Tinder.

I went on probably five or six first dates…and was meeting men that were super cool and funny but no one with a spark. Still, meeting cool people who were nice kept my attitude positive…and hopeful.

After Key West and a cord cutting ceremony, my head and heart were in a far different place. My focus was to find an equal…someone that I enjoyed spending time with AND was attracted to. Someone that was kind, caring, smart, and funny. That was a good person who surrounded himself with good people. I had managed to do enough healing that right before I met Mr. Universe, I actually said that I kinda hoped I didn’t meet anyone until after the summer. I was happy on my own….with a summer of girl fun planned with the witches…and didn’t want to be distracted from everything I wanted to accomplish.

That was the day I matched with Mr. Universe and ended up breaking my own Tinder rule, which was to never message a guy first. I figured if they weren’t man enough to message me first, then they weren’t for me anyway. I wanted someone who was confident and would put themselves out there by simply saying hi. But for whatever reason, I sent a message to Mr. Universe welcoming him to the City and hoping he was enjoying it.

And here we are…a month later…officially a couple per Facebook. It’s been a busy month with lots of dates…meeting new people…fun….and stimulating conversation. It doesn’t feel like a month. It feels like we’ve known each other a lot longer…energetically, maybe we have.

I’ve said several times that Mr. Universe isn’t the typical type of guy I date. Only now am I realizing how good of a thing that is.

To everyone out there trying to find someone…by whatever means…just remember that you get from the Universe what you are putting out. So be very mindful of your thoughts and things you say to yourself that you don’t think anyone else can hear…because the Universe is listening…and so might be your Mr./Ms. Universe. Best of luck!!


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