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Day 80: Love is love

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

I spent last night with the witches…and it was perfect. We hadn’t been together as a coven for months and this gathering was much needed. The feminine energy…the support…the love…was magical.

I went to bed dreaming of laughter and hugs and awoke early to kick off a full day of love. I grabbed some bagels and headed to the Man of the Year’s place for some Pride Parade pre-party action. From there, we walked to our station for the parade. It’s become the longest parade in Indy and nothing warms my heart more than standing along the route…waving and smiling…with my bestie boos.

We watched churches march…youth groups…elected officials…cops…major businesses in the area. All marching to show their support for gay rights. All marching because no matter your preference, love is love.

It shouldn’t matter what color…what gender…what reason. If people love each other, let them. Support them. Cherish them. Welcome them. What the world needs is more people that love. And I’m pleased to say this day has been filled with beautiful people…kind people…gracious people…straight, gay, bi people…all full of love and happiness.

This is the purpose…what we strive to find…the special person that becomes our world…that lights our Universe. Tonight I get to see my all-time favorite band live, the Avett Brothers, with my best friend, Kilo, and Mr. Universe.

I’ve had no less than three epiphanies at their shows in the past that have completely change the direction of my life. I’m not necessarily expecting to have one tonight, but I am hopeful that I’ll get a confirmation I’m on the right path. A path that is lined with love. A path that confirms I’m rested and I’m ready to begin.

No matter what, people….be happy…be proud…be love! Because love is simply love. xoxo


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