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The next chapter: real estate

This summer I added another chapter to my book. . .

I'm thrilled to share that I'm working with #Highgarden Real Estate, on the Branch Group Realty team, as a real estate agent!! #huzah

If you're wondering, when-the-who?? Let me tell you, I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. #seriously

Since "retiring" from #tech in 2014, I've been subsidizing my "#retirement" with income I've generated from buying-selling homes. #truestory

Yes, I have an #investment portfolio (that's done pretty well - thank you #edwardjones) but #homeownership is such a great way to build #equity & #wealth.

But helping you establish financial freedom isn't the ONLY reason I (finally) became a #realestateagent.

Buying / selling real estate can be one of the most #stressful life events. Right up there with #divorce, #death of a loved one, major #illness/#injury & #jobloss. (Fun category to be a part of...)

I've also (knock on wood) had easy experiences when buying/selling. Much of that is the #mindset that I bring to it, including always picking kick ass #realtors.

I believe that when you get clear about what you want & why, the house (or buyers) finds you. It's all apart of #manifesting & #cocreating your life.

Sometimes, it takes a little bit to dial it in. I tend to start with a laundry list of what I think I want & then quickly hone in on what is really important to me after seeing several houses. And then viola!

When I find the right house, I know the moment I walk in the door. It's #instant.

Now, I'm not expecting you to be like me, but I know how the #universe works... & how people work. The key is paying attention, listening & staying open.

So this is me now... just a breathwork boss helping people live their best lives & find the home of their dreams. DM me... I'd love to be your realtor. xoxo


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