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Dream a little dream

I've seen several posts today about dreams. 💭

Not the night time kind but the kind that make you get up in the morning, work hard & stay focused.🔥

I had someone ask me once what my 5 year plan was. I hemmed & hawed my way around the question, never answering it. 🤔

I thought I responded that way because I had a spiritual mentor once tell me NOT to share my dreams with anyone so they couldn't use their own energy to fuck with it (that's essentially what he said just without the "color"). 🥷

In hindsight I responded like that because I was afraid to share. Afraid of being seen as less than or as dreaming too big or dreaming the wrong dream or whatever. . . there were all sorts of irrational fears that kept me from sharing. 🙅🏼‍♀️

I've spent the past couple of days observing the degree to which these irrational fears impacted my actual reality, in not so good ways.

So fuck the spiritual superstition. I know that. . . despite those irrational fears. . . I'm strong enough & smart enough & brave enough to make my dreams happen regardless of who is rooting for or against me. 💪👧🏼

And that the only person with enough sway to get in my way is me. 🙋🏼‍♀️ #ouch

I share all this background to explain the pic of my "lake house storage space"!

I decided to give it an official name today as a clear intention of one of my many dreams.

I'm going to have a lake house someday. And I've already got the couch, chair, ottoman, desk & paddle boards for it. ✅


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